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JEAN-CLAUDE RISSET / Sofia Lourenço, piano

Duos pour une pianiste

(8 Sketches+ 1 World Premiere)   - Part 2


Eight sketches: duet for one pianist This is probably the first piano "duet" for a single pianist: in addition to the pianist's part, a second part is played on the same piano - an acoustic piano, with keys, strings and hammers - by a computer which follows the pianist's performance. This requires a special piano - here a Yamaha Disklavier - equipped with MIDI input and output. On this piano, each key can be played from the keyboard, but it can also be activated by electrical signals: these signals trigger motors which actually depress or release the keys. Each key also sends out information as to when and how loud it is played. The information to and from the piano is in the MIDI format, used for synthesizers. A Macintosh computer receives this information and sends back the appropriate signals to trigger the piano playing: the programming determines in what way the computer part depends upon what the pianist plays. In these eight sketches, I have tried to explore and demonstrate different kinds of live interaction between the pianist and the computer.

1. Double.
2. Mirrors.
3. Extensions.
4. Fractals.
5. Stretch.
6. Resonances.
7. Up Down.
8. Metronomes. This "duet for one pianist" was realized in 1989 as I was was composer in residence in the Music and Cognition Group, Media Laboratory; M.I.T., thanks to a grant of the Massachusetts Council of the Arts. It was implemented with the real-time program MAX written by Miller Puckette at M.I.T. and at IRCAM. I acknowledge the highly dedicated and competent help of Scott Van Duyne.

The sketches, recorded by Jean-Claude Risset at MIT, appear on CD "Electro-Acoustic Music III", Neuma 450-87 (with works by Saariaho, Karpen, Nelson & Fuller). Jean-Claude RISSET

ded. to Sofia Lourenço

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